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Will the Firefox tablet be unveiled in June?

Will the Firefox tablet be unveiled in June?

Mozilla made a bold move in February when it released its Firefox OS for smartphones, with deals with 18 operators and several major manufacturers, rumours are circulating it is about to take on tablet markets.

Taiwanese company Hon Hai, the parent company of Foxconn is holding an even in June where many feel it will announce its new Firefox OS for tablets rather than smartphones.

This makes sense for the company as they have had their own Firefox browser available tablets for nearly 18 months and UI designer Ian Barlow has been blogging recently about several designs lessons he has learned.

When you consider the first Firefox smartphones, a tablet would make sense as many of the apps which work on smartphone would be compatible for the larger format.

Most developers tend to favour Firefox and if they’re using its OS they will already be aware of how to use its mobile brother.

The key thing to making the tablet viable will be distribution channels. iOS is developed for Apple by Apple and many of the big companies already have deals with Android and Windows.

The problem is that Firefox is experienced battling online browser battles but its hardware is untried in the market place.

Rumours suggest that Foxconn will focus their efforts, not on established western markets, but on smaller developing ones on which it has a better chance of competing for market share either through price, service or because the larger companies aren’t interested in the smaller fish.

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