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The Microsoft Surface Pro review

The Microsoft Surface Pro review

People have been waiting for the Microsoft Surface Pro for a while now.  Of the Windows 8 tablets, it may well be the one that rivals the Google and Apple products. Windows have always been able to make a good looking tablet but with the beauty came a whole load of problems which outweighed the good things about them. If Microsoft can produce a machine as powerful as it is beautiful then they could be onto a winner.

The original Microsoft Surface RT was full of problems. Luckily, Microsoft seemed to have learned from their mistakes and the Surface Pro is a world better for it. It’s fast, responsive and consistant in its actions making it one of the best on the market at the moment. Unlike its predecessor, the Surface Pro is thicker and heavier but it has ironed all the problems of the old tablet. Better battery life, good performance and reliable apps.

If you’re looking for a tablet this is great but it still doesn’t quite work as a laptop computer still. It really needs a large desk surface to use and the screen ratio severely limits the capabilities of the screen. Although the tablet has great performance it still needs a power cable more than it should. It’s still the same case of being a jack of all trades and a master of none. It’s too big and heavy to be a tablet, too small and lacks the performance to be a proper rival to the classic laptop.

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