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The iPhone dock which acts like a smoke alarm

The iPhone dock which acts like a smoke alarm

Just when you thought the iPhone couldn’t do anything else, some designers from Seattle invent a new docking station with a difference. The Sense+ is meant to be more effective than a traditional ceiling fan and will even call the emergency services is it detects smoke or carbon monoxide.

When poisonous fumes are detected, the sensors launch an app which sounds a loud alarm. The user then has 3o seconds to stop the alarm before emergency services are called.

You can customise which emergency services are called and added to the call list but the app can’t access your phone book to do so.

The Sensor+ even detects cold smoke which traditional alarms struggle to detect. This, its designers claim, make it more effective than the traditional wall or ceiling mounted sensors.

But the designers also claim it should be used in conjunction with traditional alarms as they respond better to smoke caused by flaming fires whereas the app can detects low smouldering fires.

The current version is designed to work with iPhone 5 and acts as a support to the normal fire alarm systems, future versions will be made available to android and windows phones.

By doubling up on protection, it is hoped that the app and Sensor+ could save hundreds of lives each as people die from faulty gas fittings and undetected fires and at only £65 it could be a small price to pay for the added security of knowing there is less chance a fire would go undetected by a fault alarm.

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