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Review of the Nokia Lumia 720

Review of the Nokia Lumia 720

The new Nokia Lumia 720 aims to plug a gap in the Lumia series. With the Lumia 620 and 520, Nokia hit the low and midrange markets offering cheaper phones with less specs. The new Lumia 720 weighs in considerably lighter than the flagship Lumia 920, with its great camera, while packing in more features and specs than the boring 820 handset. By combining a sleek design and more specs than expected, Nokia might be onto a winner.

Nokia has made the new 720 perfect for single hand usage, thanks to its 4.3-inch display and slim 9mm frame. The display itself doesn’t have the same high res as a premium phone but Nokia have managed to make the most out of the colours and it holds up to differing viewing angles with a sharp output. Although it is disappointing there is no 720p resolution, there is still a sunlight readability mode and a touch screen which allows you to operate it while wearing gloves.

Nokia have chosen to pack its PureView technology into the camera on the 720 and it holds up very well under poor light situations, although it appears this has affected the camera in light conditions as the images tend to wash out with light.

What is really impressive about the Lumia 720 is the battery life. Compared to other smartphones 13hrs of talk time on 3G, with 520 hrs of standby is a huge improvement. The only major downside is the lack of LTE compatibility meaning users will be stuck with 3G for another two years.

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