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Quick review ipad 4th generation

Quick review ipad 4th generation

Late 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced two new iPads. The iPad Mini and the latest generation iPad. Boasting a A6X processor, retina display and lighting port adaptor. The new iPad was meant to be faster, better looking, quicker to charge and generally an improvement on the old tablets. Now that the New iPad isn’t new is it worth upgrading for the sake of change?

With such great definition in the screen, the iPad looks pretty good and indeed the processing power more than keeps up with the most detailed of graphics. Also the battery has been kept the same so you get nine hours game play before you need to stick its tiny new adaptor in for a few hours. Of course, a larger battery takes longer to charge but it’s worth it in long train journeys.

The thinking is that the new processor will allow faster and better quality apps to be developed over the next few years. While aesthetically Apple will always stick with their classic styling, the beauty of the graphics and the power of the processor will show itself in time as developers are able to catch up with the capabilities which the tablet offers.

At the moment though, there really isn’t that much difference between generations and so anyone stuck with the old-new iPad shouldn’t feel the need to rush out and buy the latest version other than for bragging rights. A great display, great performance, good looking tablet and still leading the market it pretty much invented.

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