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Previews and rumours about the Microsoft Xbox 720

Previews and rumours about the Microsoft Xbox 720

Now that Sony has boasted about the specs of the upcoming PS4, it’s Microsoft’s turn. With the revealing of the Xbox 720 specs coming soon, Microsoft will be hoping it establish itself in a way which competes with their Sony opposition. Rumours on different names are out there with Infinity and 720 leading the way.

It is hoped that unlike the Sony event, Microsoft will actually show the public the machine it hopes will soon be in every bedroom and living room around the world. The industry has changed hugely since the original 360 was launched back in 2005 but through updates and good online compatibility, the games console still feels relevant in today’s market. It has now sold over 76m consoles around the world with 46m of those connecting their users to the Xbox Live Service.

In terms of hardware, rumours are abound that, like Sony, Microsoft will be using off the shelf components in order to build their latest offerings as development costs have increased meaning it isn’t feasible to develop both hardware and software.

Rumours of an eight-core X86 CPU operating at 1.6Ghz, a custom GPU (maybe based on the Radeon HD 8770 or HD 7790), a 500GB HD and a Blu-ray drive. Essentially, this is a very similar set-up to the Playstation 4, so it comes down to the technical aspects of the components such as  the type of RAM used, the teraflops output and  any memory for OS use.

Microsoft will no doubt still the to the online features which made the 360 so great but expect to see more TV services such as a Sky+ feature and of course more social media intergration.

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