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Preview of’s Motormate app

Preview of’s Motormate app

A free car insurance app that captures information about a person’s driving habits has been made available to the general public for a select period of time. This insurance app was created in conjunction with a company that specializes in this type of profiling so that it can determine the category that the driver fits in.

These categories then relate to specific discounts that can be given to the driver. Because there is always room for improvement, hints are given as to how to improve their score for even more discounts.

Since most people are looking for cheaper insurance rates there is a lot to look forward to when purchasing an insurance policy through website. If an insurance policy is eventually purchased through the website, an additional &25 cash back bonus can be realized right away. It is good to remember that there is no obligation to purchase car insurance if it is found out that the driver is in a category that does not constitute a lower premium rate cut.

The thought of being monitored by a third party source may concern some people because of extraneous information that may be received. The car insurance app strictly attracts information about driving personality traits only. It shows and records the driver patterns in different situations that help evaluate the total profile of the driver.

The app replicates telematics technology where a black box is installed to the car and records driving patterns in real time so that instant feedback is available for both the insurance company and the driver involved. The possible advantage in this limited promotion is the quite real decision to end up with lower insurance premium rates.

Being able to evaluate oneself without obligation is a small price to pay for possible big dividends. The more people who try this car insurance app, the more people will become of their driving habits.


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