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Will the Firefox tablet be unveiled in June?

Mozilla made a bold move in February when it released its Firefox OS for smartphones, with deals with 18 operators and several major manufacturers, rumours are circulating it is about to take on tablet markets. Taiwanese company Hon Hai, the parent company of Foxconn is holding an even in June where many feel it will announce its new Firefox OS for tablets rather than smartphones. This makes sense for the company as they have had their own Firefox browser available tablets for nearly 18 months and UI designer Ian Barlow has been blogging recently about several designs lessons he has learned. When you consider the first Firefox smartphones, a tablet would make sense as many of the apps which...

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The world’s thinnest watch

Made from a single piece of bendy steel and with a battery life of a staggering 15 years; the world’s thinnest watch measures a minuscule 0.8mm thick. The new CST-01 is skinnier than your average credit card and rather than pixels, it uses an electronic ink display. E ink is the same technology currently being used in the bestselling e-reader the Kindle. Packed into its skinny frame is a 0.5mm component which bends with the watch and uses a Thinergy  Micro-Energy Cell battery which only takes ten minutes to charge fully but is sturdy enough to last over 15 years before it needs to be replaced. Not that it will ever need it, as it can go for a...

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Is Apple about to reveal the iRadio and new iOS for iPhone?

Rumours are prevalent at the moment that Tim Cook is about to reveal details of an iRadio streaming service which will rival the likes of Spotify, Pandora and Deezer but also new operating software for the iPhone. Apple’s stock has taken a beating recently especially in regards to tax avoidance issues in the US and UK, Many see this as an attempt to beat Google Glass’ launch and try and restore the company’s image for the right reasons. Cook will be the speaker at the annual Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, when thousands of app developers who have built for iPhone and iPad will converge. The conference also marks the first time Jonny Ive will be...

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Apple develops a wearable iWatch

Having already transformed the music and computing worlds, Apple is now attempting to join Google in developing wearable tech in order to secure what it sees as an expanding future market. Rather than intrusive devices which the user physically operates, Google Glass is a computer hidden in a pair of glasses while the iWatch looks to transform the humble time piece into a futuristic device. Wearable tech isn’t new, after all, what is a pair of glasses except wearable technology which allows the user to see better? Even hearing aids are a form of the new devices. While the idea of a smart watch is something straight out of James Bond, the idea is no longer something of the...

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