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New Samsung Chromebook review

New Samsung Chromebook review

According to Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President of Chrome, 2012 was meant to be the year Chrome Operating Systems took off by launching an assault on the mainstream. Google’s cloud-based OS seemed like a good idea, after all Google is so much more than simply a search engine now. Chrome’s focus was on getting people to understand it and the other was aimed at attracting developers, then came the assault on the mainstream market.

Unfortunately, unlike other Google products, the previous Chromebook didn’t have the same satisfying feeling of quality. The software was barely able to keep up with heavy usage. Now, though the Samsung Chromebook is really the finished article. It’s smooth with no performance related anxieties while the internet surfing is as good as you’d expect from a search engine giant.

That said, the actual hardware isn’t exactly awe inspiring. The build quality and display are workman like without being amazing, although it’s an improvement. It still battles against the Windows laptops in terms of price so it really is about personal preference. The Chromebook battery is sold and quick to start up but Windows apps set it apart.

Google’s insistence that the world of cloud computing is the future is getting more and more real and if you need a simple computer or a secondary one the Chrome OS machines are worth considering.

This doesn’t mean the Chrome’s are good enough to be a main computer or even just used for entertainment so it’s probably worth looking elsewhere if these are your main requirements.

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