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Guest post: Tablets to look out for in 2013

Guest post: Tablets to look out for in 2013

We are almost half way through 2013, and we have seen a lot of action in the tablet and touchscreen markets, however if reports and rumours are to be believed, there is a lot more to come. We have  recently seen the release of androids 4.1 jelly bean operating system which coincided with Google’s nexus range, and according to tech radar we will soon be shown the fifth version of the OS know as key lime pie. This news hits us just a week before we are expecting to see apple’s IOS 7. Although this is good news, what can we actually expect to see as far as hardware is concerned?

Well actually we have already seen some quite interesting developments. Sony released their Xperia range, offering a 100% waterproof phone. This can be completely submerged in liquid indefinitely and it will still work, taking pictures underwater. Furthermore a new technology recently revealed also allows any phone to be made waterproof with the use of a nano film. This will be sprayed on in approved stores and can make your phone waterproof until the film wares off. This will be able to save against unwanted accidents.

Another interesting technology that will revolutionize the way we use tablets is currently being developed by tactus. This small investment start up fund that is currently based in Freemont California, is working on the design for a physical keyboard that can appear when needed on touchscreen devices. The tech works by having the buttons placed on the circuit board and the screen being changed with a flexible plastic screen that will still be tactile. The buttons can raise up and make impressions whenever the keyboard is needed. According to financial update, this will revolutionize the way that we work on the move, as small laptops will be replaced with tables.

Lastly we are very much looking forward to Samsung’s bendable phone. Although it was rumoured for the release of the Galaxy S4, Samsung have already  revealed the technology that will allow touchscreen phone interfaces to work on completely flexible plastic. This will mean that they will be impervious to damage when dropped or sat on.

This article was written by Kevin Donovan. He is the tech editor from where he often writes about the most up to date technologies and how the impact our day to day lives.

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