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Dropbox announces it has 175m users

Dropbox announces it has 175m users

According to Dropbox, the cloud-based storage facility now boasts over 175m users of its storage services for videos, photos and important files which need to be accessed from various locations worldwide.

This means that since November last year an incredible 75m people have now joined the services which rivals Apple’s iCloud for popularity mainly on the grounds of improved connectivity, usability and willingness to let developers incorporate its features in their work.

The figure was announced to the public at the recent DBX developer conference which also saw several new announcements which allow developers to integrate Dropbox into other apps, making it even more accessible.

The web storage company had already unveiled a sync app for iOS and android phones which allow smartphones and tablets to access the user data anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Its new data store API takes this accessibility one step further by moving beyond files stored in the cloud and allowing effortless syncing and data storage.

This new facility sounds very similar to Apple’s iCloud storage for iOS users but for which there has been criticism over the difficulty of implementing iCloud features into new apps.

The overall goal of Dropbox isn’t just to usurp iCloud by making it more compatible with iOS devices but also to allow better cross platform syncing between different operating systems and devices.

So that it is claimed that over 100,000 apps use Dropbox in some capacity meaning that it actually saved over 1 billion files every day to its servers.

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