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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 review

While the Galaxy 10.1 was meant to be the all-round tablet customers were searching for. It did everything but not very well. The Galaxy Note 8.0 is meant to the remedy for the problem: An 8 inch tablet which offers all the amazing features of its predecessor but without any of the downsides. It is meant to be quicker, faster, newer and a direct result of six month’s work by Samsung to eradicate the Samsung 10.1’s problems. One issue with many of Samsung’s products, compared to Apple, is their insistence on using plastic to cover their devices. This means that their products feel physically cheaper and the Galaxy Note 8.0 is no exception. Screen-wise, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0...

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CEO of Pegatron denies poor Apple sales

The CEO of Pegatron, Jason Cheng, moved to refute rumours this week that demand for the Ipad Mini was falling after Bloomberg reported the Apple supplier’s earnings had fallen. There have been reports of slowdowns and poor returns from suppliers like Pegatron, Foxconn and Sharp sparking rumours of problems at Apple, although the company itself hasn’t commented on them. Pegatron has a wide customer base and doesn’t disclose whether individual clients are affecting its overall performance. The supplier also works on home video game consoles and e-readers, which have been struggling to perform in recent months. There have been similar reports in the past of Apple related companies struggling which bear no significance to Apple itself. In Q2, disappointing...

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