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New Samsung Chromebook review

According to Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President of Chrome, 2012 was meant to be the year Chrome Operating Systems took off by launching an assault on the mainstream. Google’s cloud-based OS seemed like a good idea, after all Google is so much more than simply a search engine now. Chrome’s focus was on getting people to understand it and the other was aimed at attracting developers, then came the assault on the mainstream market. Unfortunately, unlike other Google products, the previous Chromebook didn’t have the same satisfying feeling of quality. The software was barely able to keep up with heavy usage. Now, though the Samsung Chromebook is really the finished article. It’s smooth with no performance related anxieties while...

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The new Samsung Series 7

Billed as the new all-rounder, the new Samsung Series all-in-one desktop may not have the most impressive hardware but it delivers just enough punch to match: 2.70GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 6GB of RAM, a 1TB 7200 RPM hard drive, and Harman Kardon-optimized audio. If this isn’t enough to get the juices flowing, the design will be. The Series 7 is sleek and with a 23 inch display it can be folded to be used like a tablet or the Microsoft Surface. But, this is a computer not a show pony and while most tablets and windows run on the controversial Windows 8, Series 7 is still a Windows 7 OS. The Samsung Series 7 is a family friendly...

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Apple iMac new review

Announced in October last year, the new Apple iMac promised a powerful processor, great visual display and a screen thin enough to fit comfortably on any desk. At the same time, Apple announced a new and improved version of the classic Mac Mini – the new design boasting an improved new processor and new Fusion drive while still being in an amazingly small package. While retaining the original iMac’s looks, the new version is thinner lighter and smaller with the new Apple favoured black bezel edge on the screen, an aluminum chin below with a central Apple logo and a tilting aluminum stand. While the screen isn’t as thin as modern TVs, the size is still impressive compared to...

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