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Apple develops a wearable iWatch

Apple develops a wearable iWatch

Having already transformed the music and computing worlds, Apple is now attempting to join Google in developing wearable tech in order to secure what it sees as an expanding future market.

Rather than intrusive devices which the user physically operates, Google Glass is a computer hidden in a pair of glasses while the iWatch looks to transform the humble time piece into a futuristic device.

Wearable tech isn’t new, after all, what is a pair of glasses except wearable technology which allows the user to see better? Even hearing aids are a form of the new devices.

While the idea of a smart watch is something straight out of James Bond, the idea is no longer something of the future is Apple’s work is done properly.

Apple has even reported testing on curved glass, better voice recognition and other aspects which would be included in such a device.

There is already tech available in watch shape, and I’m not talking about your Casio calculator or TV remote watch, Pebble has created a watch which syncs iOS devices and android to alert the wearer when an incoming call, email or social media update happens.

The key will be as to whether Apple can produce something as useful as the iPad, which never really had a market prior to its release, or whether it can make some aesthetically pleasing enough for people to wear it every day.

When it comes to design, Apple is normally streaks ahead of the competition but just don’t count on plastic or wood to feature in what will undoubtedly be a aluminium and glass black or white affair in typical Apple style.

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