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Apple iMac new review

Announced in October last year, the new Apple iMac promised a powerful processor, great visual display and a screen thin enough to fit comfortably on any desk. At the same time, Apple announced a new and improved version of the classic Mac Mini – the new design boasting an improved new processor and new Fusion drive while still being in an amazingly small package. While retaining the original iMac’s looks, the new version is thinner lighter and smaller with the new Apple favoured black bezel edge on the screen, an aluminum chin below with a central Apple logo and a tilting aluminum stand. While the screen isn’t as thin as modern TVs, the size is still impressive compared to...

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Technology Gadgets of 2013

Hot Technology Gadgets of 2013 infographic by VisualApogee.  ...

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10 attention grabbing tech lawsuits


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