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The iPhone dock which acts like a smoke alarm

Just when you thought the iPhone couldn’t do anything else, some designers from Seattle invent a new docking station with a difference. The Sense+ is meant to be more effective than a traditional ceiling fan and will even call the emergency services is it detects smoke or carbon monoxide. When poisonous fumes are detected, the sensors launch an app which sounds a loud alarm. The user then has 3o seconds to stop the alarm before emergency services are called. You can customise which emergency services are called and added to the call list but the app can’t access your phone book to do so. The Sensor+ even detects cold smoke which traditional alarms struggle to detect. This, its designers...

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Blackberry shares tumble after it posts losses

Blackberry’s stock plummeted recently losing $2billion of value after the smartphone maker posted shock losses. Blackberry recently joined the smartphone revolution with its own handset and while analysts expected the phone giant to post modest profits for the financial year, it instead announced a loss of nearly $170m, completely missing its sales targets. Blackberry has worked tirelessly over the last year and a half to open up its handsets for email usage and to be able to host popular apps like twitter and eBay. However, the new handsets, the Z10 and Q10 failed to live up to expected sales figures and instead only 2.72 handsets were sold in the first four months, which is a slight improvement on last...

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Dropbox announces it has 175m users

According to Dropbox, the cloud-based storage facility now boasts over 175m users of its storage services for videos, photos and important files which need to be accessed from various locations worldwide. This means that since November last year an incredible 75m people have now joined the services which rivals Apple’s iCloud for popularity mainly on the grounds of improved connectivity, usability and willingness to let developers incorporate its features in their work. The figure was announced to the public at the recent DBX developer conference which also saw several new announcements which allow developers to integrate Dropbox into other apps, making it even more accessible. The web storage company had already unveiled a sync app for iOS and android...

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Preview of’s Motormate app

A free car insurance app that captures information about a person’s driving habits has been made available to the general public for a select period of time. This insurance app was created in conjunction with a company that specializes in this type of profiling so that it can determine the category that the driver fits in. These categories then relate to specific discounts that can be given to the driver. Because there is always room for improvement, hints are given as to how to improve their score for even more discounts. Since most people are looking for cheaper insurance rates there is a lot to look forward to when purchasing an insurance policy through website. If an insurance...

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